If you think there wasn’t much fight in last weeks Giants-Jets game then you weren’t looking in the stands. http://youtu.be/Fa6ucpr-lEs

Why people would fight in a football game is beyond me.

First off you could get hurt since you don’t know how good your opponent is or what they may have on them. Second, you get thrown out of the stadium which costs you the price of the game ticket which certainly is not cheap. Third, you could have your season tickets revoked, which if you waited a number of years to get them, could be tragic. Fourth, you could be arrested and spend time in jail. And last but not least, the team could care less what happens to you, so why go to all that trouble for them?

Be smart, enjoy the game. The rest isn’t worth it. Have you ever been involved in a fight at a sporting event? What happened and what was the end result?