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1) How Has Raising the Minimum Wage in New Jersey Affected You? [POLL]

2) New Jersey one of the worst states to make a living – How hard is it for you to make a living here? How many jobs do you have?

3) Should Student Loans Be Forgiven? How much in debt are you in student loans? [POLL]

4) Have you lost your job and had a hard time collecting unemployment? Apparently some inmates didn’t have a problem collecting. An investigation could nab more NJ inmates who collected benefits in jail

5) Are you afraid of sharing the road with truckers – Should there be more regulations of truckers?

6) Your road rage stories. What do you carry in the car to defend yourself? – a Man involved in 2010 road-rage killing of Hamilton man gets four years probation – is the verdict fair

7) Another shooting at a High School. This one in Oregon where the shooter kills 1, then kills himself. - Are there too many guns or too many screwy people with access to guns?

8) Since the Rangers are about to lose their bid for a Stanley Cup and all the area baseball teams suck – What is your favorite sport, and do you watch World Cup Soccer?

9) Manville Students Prank Bound Brook – Creative or Racist? [POLL]

10)) Dudes Hugging Dudes - Are You a Man-Hugger? [POLL] Are you afraid to hug other guys or do you mind “huggin’ it out?

11) Wildwood preparing for dog beach opening. Are you in favor of setting up a dog friendly zone at the shore?

12) Christie Still Undecided on Presidential Bid – Should He Run for President? [POLL/AUDIO]

13) Where was the riskiest place you’ve had sex? Sea Isle City Police arrest Philly couple for sex in the surf

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