Would you have a problem if your shore town were to set up a special zone on the beach to bring your dog?
Wildwood officials are doing that right now in order to bring more tourism dollars into the community.

And this is just what dog lovers have been hoping for. A place where their dogs can romp in the surf and sand and not have to be cooped up at home.

So far so good, right?

No, not according to some who feel the beach is no place for dogs to roam among the many beachgoers.

Some are concerned that families bringing dogs might not be as vigilant in watching them – especially when it comes to dogs relieving themselves.

Commissioner Pete Byron had this to say about making he beachfront dog-friendly, according to CBS in Philly:

“We needed to revise our ordinance to allow for pets to be able to cross over the boardwalk at that dedicated location,” says Byron. “So it’s not opening up the whole beach.”

Byron says they’re looking at a couple of sites but haven’t made a decision yet. They expect to have it open by June and the spot they pick will come with more than sand and surf.

“We’re going to provide little doggie bag stations, we’ll have a water station, plenty of trash receptacles,” the commissioner says.
“Now they’re going to be able to bring their pet with them, and I think we’re going to take a day tripper and turn them into a multi-day tripper,” he says.

Here’s the deal: if the town sets up a dog friendly zone, fine with me. My biggest concern would be dogs using the beach as a toilet. And you have to figure, it’s inevitable. And you also have to figure they’re will be some who won’t pick up after their dogs.

Here's our take:

There’s another issue too, and that is, with so many
exclusionary zones – smoking zones and the like – how much room at the shore is there to accommodate everyone.

Good idea or bad? Are you in favor of setting up a dog friendly zone at the shore?