Anyone who knows me knows that Asbury Park is my go to place for summer enjoyment. I'm thrilled that it's (once again) on the upswing.

Now that I've discovered what it has to offer all year round (boutiques, thrift shops, antiquing, and some of the best eateries in New Jersey), I think it's officially in my top 5 of best New Jersey towns. Trust me, I've been to a bazillion Jersey towns, so I know from whence I speak!

I also grew up simmering in Bradley Beach, so the neighboring Asbury Park boardwalk brings back so many childhood memories!

As a little girl, I'd ask my mom to buy me a cool postcard or two to send back to my friends back home in California. I think I've seen every Asbury Park postcard there is.

I've seen it go down and up and back again, but I think his video showing vintage Postcards is a fine tribute to the city that once was, and is again!

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