Now that "xenophobia" was named's word of the year, I thought I'd take this opportunity to suggest that it be retired.

Words and phrases should have a two to 3 year cycle and then be done. Especially in the internet age where these words are in your face 24/7/365 and then repeated by idiots all over the Cyberland. Let's start with these:

1. Heteronormative

Giving a new and unusual word to describe most of the population? Makes it seem like regular people like me (who like the opposite sex and have the good ole gender identities we were born with) are just quaint. Another little piece of the puzzle. No, you know what we are. Name everyone ELSE!

2. Xenophobia

Because it's overused. And everyone is.

3. Racist

See number 2.

4. Islamophobe

Change this to "terrorphobe" or "bombaphobe", because that's what it is.

5. Narrative

There's already 20 words for this. Spin, story, etc. why did we need another, more pretentious one?

6. Grassroots

We get it! Anything that the media wants to deem a true, from the heart, honest movement by true, from the heart, honest people! (Rarely used to describe anything conservatives might believe in, use of this word to describe a movement is a tacit endorsement.) Blech.

7. Flipflopper

Isn't this just interchangeable with politician? Because I dare you to find one politician who isn't one.

8. On message

Sounds like it should be used to describe an ADHD kid who stays on his math homework without being distracted. I'm not in 4th grade. F you.

9. On point

See number 8, except even more pretentious.

10. Circle back(along with "reach out")

One of the most obnoxious ways of describing regular old calling/emailing someone, and then calling/emailing again. WTF was wrong with "get back?" Again, "circle" sounds more like nursery school.

11. At the end of the day

Popularized by gay American Gov. McGreevey in this state, God knows who picked it up and ran with it in the national media, but it's hackneyed, obnoxious and makes no sense. We've ended enough days with this stupid phrase.

12. Folks
Usually used by people who are far from plain ol' folks to sound as though they are plain ol' folks. It tries to convey a speaker's knowledge and understanding of his audience. It doesn't. Also his relate-ability. Also doesn't.

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