For as many people as there are in New Jersey, that’s how many opinions you’ll find on where to find the best pizza.

A couple of years back we did a “Slice of New Jersey” Pizza Contest – looking for Jersey’s Best Pizza.
We started with 50, whittled it down to the top 10, and visited all 10.
The top 3 were Santillo’s in Elizabeth, Esposito’s in Matawan, and the winner was Del Ponte’s in Bradley Beach.

Check out the video of our visit there:

Not to be outdone in regard to throwin’ it down old school there’s a new entrant– Bricco in Westmont.

Old is new again when it comes to the latest retro-trend in pizza-making.
Bricco, a new place in Westmont, is part of that trend locally.

"I wanted to be the best and also to be different," explained owner Vincenzo Barone of his coal-fired pizza.

Barone, 38, who grew up making pizza at home and beside his father, Guido, in a succession of pizza businesses, knew that's what he wanted to do when he set out to create Bricco with business partners John and Jackie Langel.

Once a bakery, the location is simply decorated with white tile, black accents, a tin ceiling, wood and black-and-white photos, many of his family.

"I love the vibe, the sense of nostalgia. Pizza used to be a fun night out and that's what I'm hoping for here. I see kids I grew up with coming in with their families every night."

So let me throw my two cents in. I don’t get to travel much to South Jersey, so I can’t say who’s would be the best there.

As for Central Jersey – I have to go with Del Ponte – the Slice of Jersey winner.

If you’re up in North Jersey, a stop at Brooklyn Pizza on River Road in Hackensack is a must.

But the best by far can be found in Brooklyn.

Back in my wife’s old neighborhood there’s DiFara’s on Ave. J – a place that’s garnered quite a bit of publicity as being the best around; but ironic since it’s primarily an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

Then there’s my favorite, and the one I grew up on: Totonno’s in Coney Island on Neptune Ave. and West 16th.

My mother grew up there, and every now and then would take us on a Friday night. I remember that we also stopped by right after dropping my grandmother off at JFK for her trip to Italy after not having been there for 35 years.

The place was “old school” to the hilt.

The pie maker’s name was Jerry. He passed some years ago, and left the business to his niece (I think her name was “Cookie” if I’m not mistaken; and her husband.)

Back then, when they’d run out of dough, they’d close shop and chase you. (A bit of hyperbole on my part – but not too far from the truth!)

From what I understand, it’s still there, minus Jerry – but still – having survived a fire and Sandy - with the old school flavor.

And now onto you – feel free to list your favorite.