By now I'm sure you've heard that I am on a quest to find out who makes the best pizza in all of New Jersey. After a few weeks of accepting nominations for various parts of the state, we have successfully narrowed it down to a field of eight.

I visited the two finalists for Central Jersey, Brothers on Route 33 in Hamilton and Federici's in Freehold.

Both pies were excellent in their own ways. I received a lot of insight into what makes each pizzeria unique by talking with both owners.

Brothers on Route 33 uses all fresh ingredients. They even fly out to California to hand-pick their tomato supply.

Federici's uses an unorthodox baking method.

Now is your chance to have your say. We want to know what Central Jersey pizzeria is the best: Brothers on 33 or Federici's. Vote below. You have until Sunday to have your voice heard!

After we take votes on finalists in Central, North, South Jersey and the Jersey shore, we'll line them all up for a final showdown!

— Joe Votruba

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