This is it! Our final New Jersey region before we can move on to the next round of our quest to find the best pizza in all of New Jersey. The winner of this poll will round out our final four.

Here's a quick recap: Our Central Jersey representative is Brothers on 33 in Hamilton. South Jersey's winner is Gia Nina's in Woodbury. Vic's in Bradley Beach narrowly beat out Pete & Elda's as the winner from the Jersey Shore. Without any further ado, let's find out who will represent North Jersey: Pie Guys in Wayne or Enzo's in Hackettstown.

Our first stop was Pie Guys, one of the newer small businesses in Wayne. After trying their pizza and talking to Daniel, the manager at Pie Guys, I learned that longevity is not necessarily the key when it comes to becoming one of the most well-regarded pizzerias in your area. Pie Guys has only been in business for a little over two years, but the product is so good and the ingredients are of such high quality, they wound up with more nominations than any other pizzeria north of I-78. I tried their buffalo chicken, BBQ, and grandma slices. Each one was incredible, but my favorite was the buffalo chicken. Despite what Bill Doyle says, buffalo chicken DOES belong on a pizza. I'm excited to see how well known Pie Guys becomes in the next five years.

Next up was Enzo's in Hackettstown. While Pie Guys has only been around for two years, Enzo's has been serving Hackettstown residents for over 25 years. According to Leo, the proud owner of Enzo's, they are known primarily as a take-out place. On weekends they may have upwards of six delivery drivers out at a time! They brought out a very intimidating pie for me to try. Half was plain. The other half was what they call the Enzo's Special. The Enzo's special was covered in peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and more. Basically the polar opposite of a plain slice. One constant was the crust. I have never eaten pizza with a crust like this before. It's fresher than most and it really gives you something to look forward to as you reach the end of your slice. I wasn't surprised to find out that Leo's father used to be break maker.

I have a feeling this poll is going to be close! Two pizzerias ran by people extremely passionate about serving their customers the best pizza possible. Who gets your vote for the best pizza in North Jersey?

You can vote in the poll below until midnight on Sunday, or @NJ1015 on Twitter. The votes will be combined and tallied up on Monday morning, Oct. 3. Every vote counts!

— Joe Votruba

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