The Manalapan PD pulled a picture from their facebook page after some internet trolls considered it to be racially offensive. Check out the pic here.

A couple years ago an anonymous internet chat room was able to get traction on the symbol generally accepted for more than 100 years as "OK" was actually a racist, bigoted symbol of the "White Power" movement.

Unfortunately there are so many people that react to what they learn from anonymous source online without ever bothering to look behind the memes and outlandish statements made from hidden spaces across the world. The issue surfaced again recently as a member of the White House intern group was accused of flashing the symbol of White Power during a photo-op. Of course he wasn't doing any such thing but still had to defend himself through social media.

The impact of the politically correct trolls who bully anyone who doesn't conform to the agenda of the day hit home today when the Manalapan PD pulled a picture that was so obviously innocent with cops pretending to play the kids playground game "circle". It's so well known that you can buy a "Circle" tee shirt on Amazon! But let's not let facts get in the way of a good narrative accusing cops of being racist, so the post came down.

The Anti Defamation League, one of the nation's oldest civil rights groups was unequivocal about the "OK" hand gesture NOT being anything close to a racist, bigoted sign. It's even taught to divers to both ask and answer whether they are OK underwater. Check out these pics... are most of these scuba divers racists? Members of the so-called "Alt-Right"?

The "OK" gesture also happens to be the number nine in sign language and pretty close to the letter "F". I spent some time pushing back with facts Friday on Twitter.

Facts matter. It's time for common sense people to stand up and push back on the nonsense. I asked commuters today to give the OK sign to fellow drivers as a way of saving the hand gesture "OK" from destruction by the ignorant trolling forces of political correctness that seem to dominate social media. One caller in Newark said he tried it and got a snowball thrown at him. OK, we have a way to go but we're off to a good start. Let the pushback begin! Look for me on the road, I'll be the one saying "Hi, everything is OK!"

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