Last week we talked on the air about a drunk driver who fled the scene because he thought Sparta was too far into "redneck country" to stick around. Most people don't think of New Jersey as redneck unless you talk to a city dweller from our surrounding metropolitan areas of New York or Philly.

They think all of us are "hicks" because we don't live in the "big city". But for most "regular New Jersey people" we don't consider ourselves redneck at all. So we asked our listeners what towns in New Jersey are redneck. We got the usual suspects of Howell, Vineland, West Milford, Browns Mills, Roxbury, Millville, Peapack, Swedesboro, etc.

I consider myself a bit of a redneck living in Medford, Burlington County. I buy deer corn from a farm down the road where I just leave the money in their barn when I load up my SUV. I listen to country music and I fish from a motorized floating dock that I built with my son. See below:

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

So I don't view it as a negative at all. Our listeners had a more critical breakdown of the differences between a redneck, a hillbilly and a Piney. I guess you'd have to call me a Piney, based on where I live. Here is the unofficial Redneck/Hillbilly/Piney New Jersey map.

Sergio Bichao

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