In the words of New Jersey resident and one time Senate hopeful, Geraldo Rivera, ‘70 is the new 50’ . That’s what he posted on his Twitter account after snapping a picture of himself draped only in a towel around his junk.

And give the dude some credit. He doesn’t look bad for 70.

But then again, from what I understand, the guy eats grains, organic foods, juices vegetables, and God knows what else.

I guess we’d all look like that at 70 were we to do the same thing.

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera took a break from tweeting about the week's biggest news stories early Sunday morning to share a more personal tweet — a nude selfie.

70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age...)
— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) July 21, 2013

"70 is the new 50," he wrote. "Erica and family are going to be so pissed… but at my age…"

Clad only in a white towel around his waist and sporting rose-colored glasses, the newsman appeared to be going for the Ron Burgundy look. The smouldering selfie has already garnered over 700 retweets.

The veteran TV pundit’s overshare was a far cry from his last couple of snapshots, which included scenes from the Trayvon Martin rally in Manhattan attended by Jay Z and Beyoncé.

So far, there’s been no explanation for his proud picture, but perhaps it’s a late celebration. Rivera turned 70 on July 4.

But it begs the larger question.

Some of us are age-defying, be it the result of hammering your body at the gym on a daily basis, clean eating, what have you.

Truth be told, I have a picture of myself (taken by someone else here in the studio) draped in a speedo that was taken 6 years ago before our infamous exhibition boxing match at the Atlantic City Hilton.

No friggin' way am I putting it out there…forget it!

But I look back at that picture and say to myself that I didn’t look bad at all!
Then again I worked my ass off to get that way.

Wish I could say the same about now.

But if Geraldo can do it and look that way at 70 despite eating kale; what are you doing to stay in shape?

You may have seen this piece about NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new edict to get New Yorkers in shape.

In a new health kick, the mayor yesterday declared war on the devices that get office workers to their desks by the mere press of a button.

How about taking a daily hike instead, suggested our calorie-busting mayor.

Bloomberg — who remains strikingly svelte at 71 — said he would introduce legislation forcing new buildings and those undergoing major renovations to make it easier to walk up and down between floors.

The bill, which City Council Speaker Christine Quinn quickly endorsed, would require that newly constructed stairways be equipped with glass doors to make them more appealing.

For those who don’t get the hint, signs would be posted near elevators encouraging people to skip the free ride and head to the stairs.

“What we’ve got to do is just make it cool, if you will, or the norm to exercise,” Bloomberg said during the announcement at The New School.

Bloomberg said he and model-slim gal pal Diana Taylor always walk the five flights of stairs in their Upper East Side town house.

He said the headquarters of his foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, has centrally located stairs to discourage hops on the elevator.

Obviously we don’t need him to mandate our staying in shape.

But the picture I keep is to remind myself that I can get that way again.

And if that comes from some self imposed mandate to get to the gym, cut down on pasta, do away with midnight snacks, so be it.

What do you do to stay in shape; and would you take a “selfie” once you’d done so?