TV and radio host Geraldo Rivera tweeted like a candidate over the weekend taking political shots at possible U.S. Senate rival Cory Booker on Twitter.

Geraldo Rivera (Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images)

In a tweet first noted by the Star Ledger, Rivera criticized Booker habit of tweeting about his accomplishments large and small."Reading endless cascade of tweets from Newark's Mayor Booker one wonders whether any deed however humble goes unremarked," he tweeted.

Booker is a prolific user of Twitter, using the platform to answer constituent questions and to update all on his activities and appearances. He sent 14 tweets over the weekend ranging from a picture in his office preparing his State Of The City address to telling rabbit jokes. ("What do u call 100 rabbits in a row moving backwards? A receding hare-line") He did not respond to the Rivera tweet.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker tweeted this picture of himself working on his State Of The City address in his office (Twitter)

Rivera, an Edgewater resident, announced his intention to run for the seat being given up by Frank Lautenberg on his radio program several weeks ago. However, a Quinnipiac  University poll gave Booker a 59-23% lead.

Booker has yet to make his intentions officials for the 2014 race although he is interested in the race and has filed with the Federal Election Commission to allow fundraising.