Justin Bieber has made New Jersey news recently. The Newark Bears announced that the Biebs would be performing at their stadium. As it turns out, nothing about the announcement was true.

If you have a loved one who happens to be a Justin Bieber fan, or a "Belieber", you may have some explaining to do. Deminski & Doyle want to your confessions about embarrassing concerts you've been attended.

When I was ten-years old, I attended an N*Sync concert! I was actually a fan of that kind of music when I was a little kid, and sure enough, my mom took me to their concert at a sold out Giants Stadium! Today, I'm reluctant to use that story as an icebreaker.

Here are some embarrassing concerts some of our callers have attended:

  • Kathy in Berlin saw Boy George.
  • Jennie in Kearney is embarrassed about Donny Osmond.
  • Miggy on Route 78 called in to tell us about the time she saw Manudo.
  • Danielle in Long Hill reluctantly told us about when she went to see New Kids On The Block, which isn't much worse than N*Sync!

What about you? Feel free to share your story in the comment section below.