Its almost the "big day"...and "Cornershow Bob" just keeps adding to his Christmas Lights display!

From...a far... (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" and "FedEX Pat" have been stringing up the lights...much to the JOY of the neighborhood...for the last few years.

Santa has found his "landing strip!" (Craig Allen photo).

And, I have been writing about this "friendly competition here at for the last few years.

Bears and Penguins and...Reindeer...oh my! (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob" starts putting his display together in late November, and he just keeps adding to the display, right up to Christmas Day.

FedEX Pat's display, in the snow! (Craig Allen photo).

On the other hand, "FedEX Pat" has the whole display in place by Sunday night, the weekend of Thanksgiving. And...he's done. No additions.

For more pictures of Pat's display, as featured in earlier articles, click HERE!

More of the lights...on the corner! (Craig Allen photo).

We enjoy the displays...and you do too, based on the response I get to these posts each year!  And, as always, I'd rather not say exactly where the displays are...because the crowds might be a bit much. Like the neighborhood tractor race, we don't want to lose control...

"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!" (Craig Allen photo).

As "Cornershow Bob" just keeps adding to his "show"...check in again TOMORROW (Christmas Day) for one more update!

You don't want to miss it! PROMISE!

Feel the "JOY."