For the last few years, I have been writing about my neighbors, "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob," and how they light up the night!

Approaching the JOY! (Craig Allen photo).

My whole neighborhood waits for it!

Will this angel earn its wings? (Craig Allen photo).

And, cars come form far and near...and check it out!

Love the star on the roof! (Craig Allen photo).

FedEX Pat "strings up the lights" during the Thanksgiving weekend...and on Sunday night, its DONE!

From Angel to Manger. (Craig Allen photo).


The Wise Men are on duty! (Craig Allen photo).

On the other hand..."Cornershow Bob" works on his display right up to the big day...Christmas Day!

Pictures of his display are a matter of fact, Bob and Ginni were in the yard adding to their display as I was heading in to do the show this afternoon!

Ginni ("Mrs. Cornershow") replying on social media at 5 p.m.:

"Just when I thought we wouldn't decorate like we used to, we are out there getting it done. Neighborhood people asking us where our beautiful lights are...What a job. Pass the Aleve."

So, as I say: "Stay Tuned" as the "Friendly Neighborhood Christmas Lights Competition" continues!

Follow the "Shooting Star!" (Craig Allen photo).