If you are over 21, that is!

I'm always game for trying something new...and while I was visiting my friends Rick and Suzee in Northern Wisconsin, he says to me: "We're gonna make some Tom & Jerry's for game time!"

Of course, I responded: "Huh?"

The "21 & Over" ingredients! (Craig Allen photo).

The "Tom & Jerry" is a classic mid western holiday (aka: Christmas) warm cocktail!

It's kind of related to egg nog...and, it's easy to make!

Everyone (or so it seems) puts their own spin on it....here's Rick's version from his youth!

A "watched pot" boils! (Craig Allen photo).

Make sure the water is good and HOT! (it's going to need to melt the "mix").

Run to your liquor cabinet!

And, you'll need the mix...

If only we had Trig's in NJ! (Craig Allen photo).

...made primarily of powdered sugar, eggs, corn syrup, water...and...what I would call stabilizing agents. 

The container lives in your freezer, and the "mix" or "batter" is the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

And, yes, I found "Tom & Jerry Mix" on Amazon...so, don't worry if you're not headed to a Northern Wisconsin supermarket anytime soon...but, its a bit more "spendy" online.

Here we go!

See...it looks like soft serve! (Craig Allen photo).

Put a heaping tablespoon of the frozen mix into a coffee mug!

Fill each cup with HOT water. (Craig Allen photo).

Fill the coffee mug with HOT water.

It's...melting! (Craig Allen photo).

STIR...and then stir some more!!

Looking GOOD! (Craig Allen photo).

As Rick says, the hardest part of making this holiday "cup o' cheer" is...getting the mix to melt completely!

Remember the "adult" parts?


A "measured" pour...of Brandy. (Craig Allen photo).

1 ounce (shot) of brandy (not by "Looking Glass").


Another "shot" from the bar! (Craig Allen photo).

1 ounce (shot) of rum!

YUMMY! (Craig Allen photo).

(Carefully) shake a little cinnamon and nutmeg over all...

A beverage...and a cookie! (Craig Allen photo).

...and ENJOY!

As you can see, we enjoyed our "Tom & Jerry's" with my "Big Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie!"

After all, that is what Santa would do!

If you want to make the cookie (of course you do), click here for my recipe, as I shared previously at nj1015.com!