When I sit in on the morning show with Jim Gearhart, I wake up at 3:15am.  This morning didn't start as early...but almost!

It's Easter weekend! And friends are away.  Whenever they travel, I "cat-sit." Its just one of the many things that I do, as a "really swell guy."
I have to admit that I made a major mistake last night...I didn't close the bedrooom door all the way!  Booger's "mommy and daddy" get moving much earlier in the morning than I do!  At 5am, the cat pounced on a sleeping me...got up in my face...and started meowing. Loudly (did I mention that he is now deaf in his old age? And that "cat breath!" YIKES!).  Anyway, his stomach alarm clock had gone off! Breakfast time for Booger!  And because I had (foolishly) left the door part way open (OOPS!), he was able to convince me of his need, in no uncertain terms.  On his (much too early) schedule. JOY! (sarcasm).
This was not good for me! You could say that I was "counting sheep" til 3am. The "cat alarm" went off at 5am. And, getting back to sleep was "not in the cards!" You get the picture!
So, excuse me, as I grab another cup of coffee.  I don't want to go face-down on the "board" at high noon! Like failure, "dead air" is not an option!
By the way, Big Joe will take over at 3:00pm, and "Jersey Guy" Ray Rossi convenes a "musical soiree" at 7 tonight!
Enjoy "Jersey's Favorite Hits" all Easter Weekend, on New Jersey 101.5! And  click "listen live" here at nj1015.com!