You may have gotten this call so often you could recite it verbatim. "You qualify for a free cruise!" Robocalling has become the bane of many. There's now good news for some. A settlement of a class-action suit against Resort Marketing Group means you may be owed $900. They were robocalling people on behalf of Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise lines without people's consent. That's illegal.

The settlement covers a five year period from 2009 through 2014. It would be impossible to remember any particular robocall come-on, or if your particular cruise offer was from this particular company, so there's a website set up that will easily tell you if your phone number is covered on the settlement. Go here and put in your phone number to find out. It's worth looking. If you were among the victims, you are owed up to $300 per call and up to $900 per phone line depending on how many claims come in.

I checked out my own number and unfortunately I was not part of the settlement. I certainly received these kinds of cruise offer robocalls, just not from this particular outfit or from this particular time period. You may be different though, so check it out.

Robocalling has become a terrible problem in New Jersey and across the country. Masking phone numbers is one way they get us to answer. Read what the federal government is doing to stop that here. You'd like to see these robocallers get caught? This story tells you of a cool way the feds are investigating them to bring them to justice.