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1) Do you support Governor Christie’s pension “reforms?”

2) Is there a better Republican contender for President than Chris Christie? Another recent poll suggests that Governor Christie leads the list of possible GOP presidential contenders.

3) What is the best job you’ve ever had – are you working in your dream job? A mother of two tests sex toys professionally and loves her job. Is using sex toys part of your itinerary?

4) Ever landed a better job after being fired? 'SNL' cast member Brooks Wheelan 'fired' after one season. Have you ever landed a better job than the one you were fired from?

5) NJ teen pleads guilty in WTC climb

6) NEW JERSEY MEDICS BREAK INTO CAR TO RESCUE BABY DOLL Should the medics pay for the broken window? Should the car’s owner be charged with creating a false alarm?

7) Ray the Ray – Hero of the Day - Bon Jovi rocks Count Basie Theater for charity

7) Who are the rockers you most admire for their charitable work?

8) Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle for Dennis Malloy Comedy DVDs

Other stuff:

Slap on the wrist or justifiable punishment – you be the judge. The Former Sayreville High School teacher who sexually assaulted 2 teenaged male students will get 4 years in prison.

Did you ever take crap from a bully – and how did you resolve it? School? Parent? You, yourself? The father of a kid from Hillsboro who was bullied says Catholic school didn't stop it.

Do you feel the program to ticket motorists that blow through crosswalks is just a money grab? There’s a program to crack down on motorists that blow through crosswalks when pedestrians are present.

Who are the local newscasters that are easy on the eyes? One meteorologist responded to a viewer who criticized her ‘tight-fitting’ dresses.

Ray the Ray – Hero of the Day - Mom of Hillsborough teen who died after being punched to donate son’s organs

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