Unlike other months, which are much more publicized, October is actually "Italian American History Month" as it says on nationaltoday.com:

"Recognizing the contributions and achievements of Italian-Americans. Over 26 million Americans of Italian descent currently reside in the U.S. — making up America’s seventh-largest ethnic group. The heritage month is in October to coincide with Columbus Day — the national holiday celebrated on the second Monday of the month. Italian-American Heritage Month celebrates the distinguished cultural contributions of Americans with Italian lineage."

I'd long been advocating for every nationality and ethnicity to get a month figuring if we could all learn about what each of our ancestors went through to become part of this great country as well as the contributions of our people we would all get along so much better.

What's surprising is that we're not hearing more about Italian History Month since we've heard so much about canceling "Columbus Day," which means so much to the Italian-American people. It would be nice to also publicize our month. Perhaps with a series of PSAs about the great contributions the Italian Americans made to American history, which is what all ethnic Americans should funnel into.

Italian-American History Month also comes as a surprise to many of my Facebook followers whom I asked what's great about being an Italian-American in New Jersey.

Union City native Gail Morrone summed it up best.

Gail Morrone:

"I think every Italian will relate to what I believe. Since I have never lived anywhere but NJ, it could be our belief. The most important thing to anyone of Italian descent, no matter what generation is family. Yes we have the best food and the most amazing entertainment such as the chairman was, but family is the most important. And, as is always true, at any family gathering, there is never enough food 😊 Ciao"

Robert Pisani:

"I have not heard that. News 12 has been promoting Hispanic Heritage month, which is an NJ news media station, but nothing said about Italian Heritage month. Also, they took Columbus Day from us and replaced it with Indigenous Day. So who is promoting this month as Italian Heritage month?? Only us Italians of course!!!"

Rudy Marino:

"Strange didn't hear anything about Italian Heritage Month on any of the major networks, unlike other months when that's all I hear including PSA'S.

Pugliese Italian restaurant, Newark.

Andrea deli, Jersey city.

La Bella, Union City.

2nd street Bakery, Union City.

Biggies Clam Bar, Carlstadt, rt 17.

Piccolo's, Hoboken."

Giulio Poli:

"It was even off 2021's calenders but the 2022 calendars have it again...I guess they made an offer that they couldn't be refused."

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