St. Theresa's Catholic School in Kenilworth is dropping the ball, big time!

I'm talking about the basketball, by not only prohibiting 12-year-old Sydney Phillips from playing on the boys' basketball team but now by throwing her and her little sister Kaitlyn out because their parents are suing over it.

This is not a case of someone challenging the system for the sake of challenging. Sydney would have been happy to play for the girls' team where she had played in the past, but it was disbanded. It would have been easy for Syndey to just transfer to another school, but her family has a long-standing relationship with St. Theresa's. Sydney's parents were married at the church. She, along with her siblings were baptized there, and her older brother Brian graduated from St. Theresa's.

Here's a thought: What if they simply let her try out? The lawsuit goes away, the bad publicity turns to good publicity and if she's as good as she was with the girl's team, she makes the team better.

Who knows how far Sydney could go if she pursues basketball? College scholarship? The Liberty invited her to practice. Perhaps if there's a dream that could become a reality, St Theresa'a could participate in that. Maybe one day they would have been able to display Sydney's picture in their trophy case? Hey, you never know!

Isn't the church supposed to be about relationships? How could they let it get this far? Where in the Bible does it say to turn away a family over basketball? Who gets to explain that to St. Theresa, or Jesus for that matter?

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