Author - Justin Puik

Solar Energy
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Perhaps you have been waiting for the right moment to get solar. You have been keeping an eye on the market, listening to or reading other people’s experiences, and most importantly watching the price point. That hesitation is very real for many people. Solar is still a growing market and has not been around as long as coal, oil and other major forms of electricity generation.  We’ve partnered with Trinity Solar to provide you with some sound reasoning as to why the time is perfect for you to convert to solar energy.

Consider letting go of your hesitation, and allowing us help you recognize that solar energy is a reliable, sustainable, and feasible energy solution for your home. As reported by Business Insider , we are at the dawning of a solar age. “Citi has just named solar photovoltaics to its list of 10 world-disrupting technologies.” Now, the word “disrupting” here is not a bad thing; in fact it’s very good. Solar has reached cost levels in some areas where it matches the cost of electricity from other sources. What disrupting means is that solar is disrupting the way we think about how our energy is provided to our homes and businesses. After all, it was once noted that “The stone age didn’t end for a lack of stones…” better, smarter technology improved quality of life, the same way that solar will for your home.

Two of the top states for solar are New Jersey and California, and these can be seen as very comparable in how they support solar installations. This makes the good news from California reflect well on our Garden State: 97% of all electrical generation slated to be built in California in the second half of 2013 is solar. More and more generation in the U.S. is being replaced by solar. A rooftop system can cover almost your entire electric use, lowering your utility bills and making your lifestyle that much greener.

The best part about solar right now is that prices are at an all time low! Though many choose to lease their system – which still offers tremendous savings, you may want to consider purchasing your system outright. You’ll find that system prices have reached their floor for the foreseeable future and interest rates are at historic lows, there really has never been a better time to invest in your home. There are so many choices available in how to fund your new solar system that it can fit just about every budget. It has never been easier to lower your electric bills and live a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

Thanks to our partners at Trinity Solar for providing us with some sound reasoning as to why you should be looking to convert to solar energy. The sun is shining upon solar – pun intended – and now is the time to capitalize on this smart investment. Thousands of customers across the east and west coasts will take advantage of the savings that solar can bring to their lives. So why not set your hesitation aside and see how solar can improve your quality of life?