A few weeks back I told you about a fun idea that was going across the country and landed in New Jersey. It was a ‘bear hunt,’ but of the stuffed animal variety. It was being done in neighbors to help bored kids pass the pandemic time by strolling the streets and seeing if they could spot stuffed animals.

Now a retired school teacher in Freehold has taken up the idea with a twist. Linda Roseman told NJ.com she was inspired by those bear hunts to do sort of an I Spy game on her lawn. She hides stuffed animals. Lots and lots of stuffed animals. It takes a keen eye to find them. She’s even placed some up on the roof. Now that’s dedication. At Easter she included plastic eggs with treats inside hidden about for the kids who have embraced her efforts and request to be taken by the house daily.

She’s even included a sign that changes every day with a new riddle. One day it was “What goes tick tock woof woof tick tock woof woof?”

Some kids call it the riddle house. Oh, the answer? A watch dog.

Personally I would have gone with Clocker Spaniel.

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