An idea to stave off boredom that is sweeping the country has found its way to New Jersey thanks to Salem County resident Megan Tighe. People are putting stuffed bears and any other kinds of stuffed animals out on their porches, peeking out their windows, hiding in a tree on the front lawn perhaps and the idea is for kids to get out of the house and spot as many as they can.

“If I’m going crazy, other families are going crazy,” she joked in an article on

She formed the “Salem County Bear Hunt” where no bears are harmed at all. It’s a private Facebook group that has 3,000 members who put up pictures of their furry friends and where to locate them. Parents get the kids out and let them try to spot them. It’s kind of Pokémon Go without the technology. I have a feeling this will be the next thing to spread across New Jersey but in a good way.

NBC Nightly News filed this report on how far this craze has gone.

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