Okay I’ll go first, but I’m not eligible for the $100 prize. Now that the CDC has recommended we all wear some type of mask even if homemade (leave the high end stuff to the medical front-liners), we want to encourage you to do your part and help prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Besides, it was just announced by the governor that you will now need one to be allowed in a store.

Deminski's face mask
Jeff Deminski photo

Here’s me in a simple painter’s mask we had in the garage. Not photogenic to begin with, yes I look ridiculous. But alive is fashionable right now, so don’t be a dope and get with the program!

Send us a selfie of you in your mask and we’ll put it up in a gallery here on our website. Include your name and contact information and make sure it’s a picture you took yourself that you agree we are allowed to publish on our site. On Monday April 20th we will announce who was randomly drawn for a $100 Visa Gift Card. You may email our producer here, or easier yet submit your photo and contact info directly through the free NJ1015 app.

Good luck, and rock that mask!

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