How often have we heard from the media and the politicians that we should be listening to the doctors and medical experts? How often have people who questioned the efficacy and sensibility of lockdowns and mask mandates been vilified and dismissed in conversation and on social media?

Seems that what the corporate media and political class want is a certain narrative instead of an actual search for truth and a solution to benefit people.

The news relentlessly pushes a vaccine and almost never admits or even covers the fact that there have been tens of thousands of reported adverse effects from the vaccine, including anaphylaxis and nearly 3,000 deaths in America so far. This is not to say that the vaccine is overwhelmingly safe if you look strictly at the percentages but why suppress the information?

Why have we moved away from informed consent with people being told they won't be "allowed" to return to normal unless they take the jab?

Why are governments so quick to admit the adverse effects but they say, "don't worry, the reward outweighs the risk"? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if the experts told the truth about how nearly all the deaths "with COVID" are among elderly, health compromised individuals?

Wouldn't it make more sense to study and recognize the reality that younger people have almost no risk from COVID?

We now know that lockdowns contributed greatly to excess deaths in 2020 yet, despite the obvious failure of that policy, government is only allowing a way out through an experimental medicine.

When you look at the cases dropping precipitously in Texas and Mississippi AFTER they dropped all of their COVID restrictions and the spike in cases in lockdown states like New York, New Jersey and Michigan, it's pretty obvious that lockdown and mask mandate policies are abject failures.

Some skeptics who want to remain afraid point to variants and rising cases in Florida. But if you took a minute to look at what's happening in Florida, the state is near 100% normal. The virus spread, like any cold virus, and most people are not showing any symptoms let alone needing hospitalization.

The pandemic is over. One of the reasons that Florida is going strong and people are enjoying life again is that the governor had the guts to pull together leading experts from around the world and conduct a thoughtful, fact-based roundtable that he used to strike down all the state's COVID orders. The video is important to watch and understand why these doctors are calling on government to end lockdowns and never pursue the strategy again.

The real danger that we have to face immediately is that videos like this are being taken down on social media. This despite the serious credentials, experience and expertise of the participants, like Dr. Martin Kulldorf from Harvard, Dr. Scott Atlas from Stanford, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya also from Stanford and Dr. Sunetra Gupta from Oxford.

Dr. Kulldorf has been consistent since last year, showing clearly how deaths are among the elderly and health compromised. The number of people that can be protected among the elderly to prevent death is much smaller than if you isolated young people to prevent the same amount of deaths.

"In the United States, social distancing was in place early on, and since it is easier for retired people to stay home, it is likely that there was much less exposure among older people. Despite this, there is a higher proportion of diagnosed cases among the older population [5]. This means that the U.S. numbers are consistent with those from China.

Table 1: Relative risks (RR) for COVID-19 mortality by age group. In scenario A, pre-social distancing probability of exposure is assumed to be equal across all ages. In scenario B, it is assumed to be twice as high for those <70 and half as much for those >80, compared to age 70-79.

Since 1/RR is approximately 100 for age 30-39, exposure of only 1,000 people in their 70s would lead to the same number of deaths as the exposure of 100,000 persons in their 30s. In other words, in order to avoid the same fixed number of deaths, one must prevent COVID-19 exposure to 1,000 people in their 70s, or 10,000 people in their 50s, or 40,000 in their 40s, or 100,000 in their 30s, or 300,000 in their 20s, or 3.5 million children. Preventing exposure of 3.5 million children or 100,000 people in their 30s is practically, logistically, and financially more challenging than preventing exposure of 1,000 people aged 70-79.

Government officials would be wise to take advantage of these widely different mortality rates by age in devising their COVID-19 counter measures, while still maintaining essential societal services. Whether mandated counter measures are intensified, recalibrated, or gradually relaxed sometime in the future, age specific measures should be part of the strategy. If not, there will be unnecessary mortality, burden on hospitals and economic disruption. Counter measures directed specifically at older people will not only protect them, it will also free up health care resources for those younger people that do need hospital care." - Dr. Martin Kulldorff

As you can see, young people are nearly unaffected by COVID. Had the government stayed the course with treatments like hydroxychloroquine (shown to reduce hospitalizations) and Ivermectin (shown to actually prevent and treat the illness) instead of bowing to propaganda from the fear-mongering elites, tens of thousands of people would be alive today.

Had the government followed through on the promise of "flatten the curve" and making sure that we had enough hospital beds for people who were sick, we would have been fully opened last May. But they didn't. Government and their shills in corrupt corporate media fueled the flames of fear in order to move the goalposts from the "curve" to stopping deaths to "zero COVID".

It's madness when you look at what one top doc at John's Hopkins reported recently, that more than 200 million Americans have already had coronavirus and 55% of the population had antibodies from the beginning and we'll have herd immunity in April.

If we listened to the actual science, we would have concluded last year that we had no public health emergency. Just another virus that would spread to nearly everyone, like the common cold does every year, and most would be just fine. Lockdowns compromised people's immune systems, spiked deaths from other illnesses as people were not able to get regular treatment as COVIDmania took hold. The jump in deaths from heart disease and diabetes are through the roof, especially in the areas still under lockdown.

Moreover, the JAMA study found huge increases in excess deaths from underlying causes such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania – the five states with the most COVID-19 deaths in March and April. New York City experienced the biggest jumps, including a 398% rise in heart disease deaths and a 356% increase in diabetes deaths. - Michael Precker, American Heart Association News

This doesn't include the dramatic spike in overdose deaths.

So if these experts are being silenced because they don't agree with the conclusions of the non-experts in corporate media and political class elites, how can the truth get out? Only you can make that a reality by sharing the videos, social media posts and articles like this one. Don't think that you can ignore the assault on reason and survive another day as a free American.

Every one of us who values the free exchange of ideas and knows that government is the problem not the solution has to stick together and fight. Even if the fight is as simple as asking your teenage kids to read posts like this, which link to actual doctors who agree with everything I've been saying since last February. Push back. Don't blindly accept the vaccine and the masks.

Right now, most people are giving up on the fight and moving to free states, like Florida, Texas and Tennessee. I spoke to the wife of a State Trooper who is retiring in a couple years and they are packing up and moving to South Dakota. It's bad in the Garden State and it's only going to get worse as freethinkers and middle and upper-class income earners move out. What about you? Diggin' in or gettin' out?

Will you fight for New Jersey?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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