I can't believe Christmas is almost here, and while everyone is at midnight mass or celebrating the holiday with family, what will the Jews be doing?  The stereotypical Chinese food and a movie is kind of funny, but true in many cases!  I've seen a picture of a sign from a NYC restaurant that basically sums it up.  It states: "The Chinese Restaurant Association of the United States would like to extend our thanks to the Jewish people.  We do not understand your dietary customs...but we are proud and grateful that your GOD insist you eat our food on Christmas.  Happy Holidays!"

So even though the movie and Chinese food is tradition, I have to say, I don't think I've ever done either on Christmas or Christmas Eve!  If you are single, it is the biggest night of the year to party. Let My People Go's "The Ball"  is always the biggest and most popular party in the NYC.  Over 4000 Jews from all over the tri-state area come out to party at one of the five or hop around to all five venues.  Free limousine and hummer rides will take you from one club to the next.   It's always a great time, as you're bound to run into old friends, plus there's a good chance to line up a date for New Years!

Another option for Christmas: Why not get together with the family? That's usually what we do on Christmas day. This year, with Chanukah coinciding with Christmas, it works out perfectly.  Everything else is closed so there is really no excuse for not getting together!

Maybe you'll be working Christmas.  If you celebrate Christmas, be thankful to your Jewish coworkers who will cover the holiday for you so you can be with your family and friends.

So what will you be doing this weekend for the holiday? Are you going to party it up or keep it low key with family and friends or maybe you'll just cuddle up with a good glass of wine and make it a lazy, relaxing movie day at home.  Whatever you do, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with lots of health, happiness, love and success!!!



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