It may go without saying, that we're all on the side of making sure we get the novel coronavirus under control, with as few casualties as possible.

But there is still a debate that needs to be had, and is being had in families, workplace conversations, social media pages and on our streets (more than six feet apart). Are we doing the right thing by giving up our rights to our state, local and federal governments? Is the potential risk of illness or death worth ostensibly shutting our society down? Is the cure worse than the disease?

It's worth having the discussion without devolving into partisan name-calling and vitriolic discourse. I've seen a few articles and editorials outside of the mainstream of corporate media that have presented a different point of view than that of our government is engaging in.

It might be easier to see where people of New Jersey are on this with a simple poll. Look at a couple of these and then answer a simple question:

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