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Your biggest questions about men...answered!

Getting a text back from your boyfriend that simply reads “k,” or your man promises to get your list conquered at the grocery store and comes back with nothing you asked for! And why don't men look at an instructional manual when putting together furniture, or ask for directions when it's so obvious they are lost!

We're joined by Dennis Malloy of New Jersey 101.5's Dennis & Judi show to get some of our most burning questions about the male psyche answered! And Dennis even shares with us the one question he would like answered about women!

Is there something you always wanted answered about men? Let us know by emailing us at

Also from this week's Forever 39 podcast — 'Technoference' and your relationships. PLUS: Spring's biggest fashion trends!

Join us for next week’s podcast when we chat about the adulting classes for millennials, the advantages to showering at night, and the best time to purchase big-ticket items.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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