This video comes from Australia. In the land down under they’re having their own toilet paper shortage, like here in the states. As the NY Post tells it, authorities say a 60-year-old woman and her 23-year-old daughter were trying to hoard toilet paper at a Woolworths in violation of the 4 packs per customer rule. Another woman was simply trying to get one, according to police. Only one.

These dopes wouldn’t let her, according to police reports.

The woman, totally within her right to have just one pack considering the store limit, is heard saying she wants just one pack.

“No! Not one pack!” bellows this wildebeest of a mother as she and her daughter physically fight the woman.

Here’s the video from Nine News Australia’s Twitter.

The mother and daughter were both criminally charged. The other woman was considered the victim and was not.

No word on whether there was a Vegemite shortage.

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