In light of the recent vaccination talks in New Jersey, Jim mentioned how Puerto Rico is considering instituting a health bill that could be quite controversial.

Increase your veggie intake to stay healthy
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Due to rising concerns about obesity, the Puerto Rican legislature is debating the necessity of a bill that would fine parents up to $800 for having obese children. The goal is to incentivize parents to make healthier choices for their children, but Jim wonders if it goes too far.

Like the recent debates on vaccinations, many parents are concerned whether or not the government has the right to tell parents how they should raise their children.

If passed, the bill would allow public school teachers to cite specific cases and bring them to the attention of the health officials. From there, Health Department officials would be able to determine the necessity of a diet and exercise program. If the program isn't followed appropriately, parents could face fines up to $800 for not following through with the program.

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