In the wake of the allegations of sexual abuse and rape against comedian Bill Cosby, a number of his accusers took to CNN last night to voice how the comedian should be punished.

Among them was one accuser, P.J. Masten, who said that she wanted him to suffer as she had suffered, adding that she wants his Emmy awards seized.

In actually Cosby had already resigned from the board of Temple – perhaps at their request - so as to not cause them any grief.

In addition, several pending TV deals with Netflix and NBC have been cancelled – and the acclaimed Cosby Show, which ran on TV Land has been taken off the air.

Question remains: should Bill Cosby’s Emmy Awards be taken away from him in light of these allegations.

Simple answer – no.

While the allegations which still continue to come to light are heinous, they shouldn’t negate the value of his work on TV? Does his depiction of a kindly doctor and family man deserve to be deleted because of something he did outside the scope of what he did on TV?

If in fact the Cosby we’re hearing about is very different than the one we saw on TV, there’s no doubt he did a great acting job on the show.

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