This Sunday we will be celebrating Mother's day and thanking that special person that helped bring us into this world and nurture us. Yes, while they all found a way to drive us nuts at different times in our lives, they were still our mom and we love them through the good and the bad times.

When we were young and sitting in front of the tv watching our favorite shows, every mom seemed to be cooler than ours. As we grew up, we realized just how cool and lucky we were to have the mom that we had and appreciated her so much more than we did as kids.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we take a look at 10 of the coolest tv moms that we enjoyed growing up with.


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    Carolyn Jones

    Morticia Addams - 'The Addams Family'

    Morticia Addams was  creepy and spooky, mysterious and kooky, but she wanted nothing but the best for her children and her loving hubby. She wore nothing but black, spoke French to fuel her husband's desire and kept the audience entertained with her unusual parenting skills.

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    Katey Sagal

    Peg Bundy - 'Married with Children'

    You can hear the banging of her heels and her vocal tones just by saying her name. Peggy Bundy is not much of the 'model' mother. In fact, she would much rather sit in front of the television and watch her shows, go shopping - for herself of course, as opposed to cook, clean or help her kids. But somehow Peggy has stolen our hearts and given us constant laughs.

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    Isabel Sanford

    Louise 'Weezy' Jefferson - 'The Jeffersons'

    'Weezy' as she was affectionately known by her husband George, was the supporting wife and mother. Louise played the calming influence of the household as the perfect offset to George's hot-tempered peronality.

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    Bonnie Franklin

    Ann Romano - 'One Day at a Time'

    Ann Romano was a trailblazer in the tv sitcom world.  Bonnie Franklin's character was the first mom who was divorced. We watched her deal with the trials and tribulations of raising her kids all on her own.

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    Edie Falco

    Carmela Soprano - 'The Sopranos'

    Raising a family when your husband is NJ's biggest mob boss is not necessarily an easy task.  She loves her kids and they have great lives provided for them. But at what cost? The family is taken care of but they're put in harm's way due to Tony's line of "work." Carmela's character is a strong femal, was contstantly faced with making tough life and moral decisions to provide for her children.

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    Doris Roberts

    Marie Barone - 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

    Ever have that mom or mother-in-law who just had to lov eyou just a bit TOO much or be too much a part of your life? That explains Marie Barone, Raymond's mom who always had an opinion and always knew a way to handle a situation better, well, because quite frankly, she's the mom. Like many of our moms, while she may have driven Raymond and his family crazy, it was all done out of love.

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    Marion Ross

    Marion Cunningham

    "Mrs. C," Marion Cunningham and her husband Howard are the definition of the quintessential 1950’s couple. She gave up her  job in order to become a stay-at-home mother and take her of her children, Richie and Joanie. She also was more than happy to always give advice to his friends such as "The Fonz," Ralph and Potsie.


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    Jean Stapleton

    Edith Bunker - 'All in the Family'

    Edith Bunker will always be known for her amazingly funny shrill voice, but she was also one of the most beloved moms on tv. She was naive, but she, much like Louise Jefferson, was the voice of reason for when her husband Archie, went off on one of his diatribes.

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    Phylicia Rashad

    Clair Huxtable - 'The Cosby Show'

    Strong, loving and warm, are three of the best ways to describe Clair Huxtable.  Clair is often the caring disciplinarian for her children. Her role as a pioneering, family-balancing professional was a positive one in a sea of dysfunctional TV families. She was a strong working mother, yet fair and loving with her children.

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    Florence Henderson

    Carol Brady - 'The Brady Bunch'

    How can you not make a mom who juggled a family of six kids as the #1coolest Mom on this list? The Bradys were the typical story of two parents with children from different marriages, getting together and making the work.  Though she chose to be a stay-at-home mother, she did so much else, writing, PTA and yet always found time to give equal love to all six of the kids.