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How many times should couples be having sex per week?

It's something all couples think about ... are we having enough sex?

If your partner is constantly bugging you for more, but you're happy with just once a week ... is that normal? And what about those couples that brag about how they can't get enough of each other in the bedroom? When it comes to sex, how much is too little and how much is too much?

Obviously it depends on the couple, but once a week seems to be the consensus among researchers for how much sex a couple should be having to keep the relationship healthy and happy.

In 2015, USA Today reported on the results of a study that looked at over 40 years of research on the topic of how much sex couples should be having sex. The study, which looked at surveys from tens of thousands of Americans, found that once a week is what keeps couples happiest. The study also found that for couples that had sex more than once a week, their happiness levels didn't increase. However, happiness levels did decrease for couples that had sex less than once a week.

So we guess it's fair to say that once a week is the sweet spot for how many times couples should have sex to be at their happiest in the bedroom! Is there a "right" number for you?

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