As more and more businesses find ways to eliminate employees, Wendy's being the latest, it's predicted by Yuval Noah Harari in his new book "Homo Deus; A Brief History of Tomorrow" that in the coming years by 2020 artificial intelligence will make it possible to eliminate much more than service and manufacturing jobs. How about doctors, teachers, soldiers, and truckers to name a few? Harrari tells the New York Post's Reed Tucker "I think we should be worried and worried now"

According to a report issued in 2015 by McKinsey Global Institute, a business think tank, 95 percent of jobs should be safe until 2020, then technology will change the landscape rapidly.

Self driving cars will wipe out the trucking industry. An Uber truck has already made its first driverless delivery taking 50,000 cans of beer 120 miles from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Amazon has already opened stores where sales people and cashiers are not needed. In the military, soldiers can be replaced by robots and drones that will always get it right and cannot be tortured.

What about the higher paying jobs like teachers and doctors? A recent experiment found that a computer algorithm correctly diagnosed 90 percent of the lung cancer cases presented to it. This could make the general practitioner obsolete as well as schools. Teachers could be replaced by AI's which can be tailored for the specific needs of the student and placed in a smart phone.

So what's a worker to do? That will be the big question facing the future leaders as not everyone will be able to get a job in these new fields, yet we all will need to be supported.

Harrari talks about people dealing with not being needed and what they will do with their time. Will they immerse themselves in video games? drugs? What will drugs be like in the coming years? Will less harmful ones be developed and legalized?

The only way I can see for us to stay ahead of this rapidly advancing curve is to learn to do as many things as you possibly can and be ready to change and adapt to new things at a moments notice. Is your job robot proof? Is there something else that you can do that isn't? You should think about it, just in case.

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