There are countless studies and overwhelming evidence from our experiences over the past year that masks do NOTHING to prevent the spread of viruses. Beyond that, the actual COVID numbers are almost gone in New Jersey. This despite the fact that 93% of our residents have NOT received a full vaccination. So very few vaccinated, empty if not seasonal levels of hospital occupancy and even the wildly inaccurate PCR test showing a dramatic decline.

The pandemic is over. The health crisis was over back in the spring of 2020. Yet, the governor still wants you to wear two masks, ya know, for safety. What a bunch of nonsense.

Thankfully, I am not the only voice speaking out. My new friend Councilwoman Pamela Richmond from Howell is speaking out and advocating against the mask mandates. She joined me on the show Monday morning.

She's in good company in Howell as police Chief Andrew Kudrick stood up for common sense over the holidays, refusing to enforce the outrageous limits to family gatherings.

It's time for more courageous people to speak out for common sense and civil liberty. Enough of the absurd COVID protocols, which do nothing but to scare and deceive people into thinking that the crisis isn't long over.

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