Long before there was Artie Lange on the Howard Stern Show, there was Jackie Martling. This Saturday, "The Joke Man" will be appearing at Joey Harrison's River House in Forked River. I used to bring Jackie on stage when I did the local updates for Howard. A couple of things about seeing a Jackie show, it's going to be long and it's going to be hysterical!

Howard may have regrets about those days but Jackie doesn't.

"That's absurd," Martling said. "Because if he wasn't who he is, he wouldn't be who he is ... you can't apologize after the fact."

We also talked about his eventual replacement Artie Lange and his battle with addiction.

"I love that guy," Marting said. "He wrote the foreword to my autobiography ... I just hope he's not screwing it up."

He still even gets stumped from the audiences at his show.

"People are coming up and trying to stump me with jokes," Martling said, "and I'm getting them all and it's fun and we're laughing. Two kids came along with their mother. They weren't together, a 10-year-old girl and like a 7-year-old boy. And one after the other, they nailed me and the crowd went wild."

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