When an email came in from Dana Howell of the Monmouth County Historical Association I sat up and took notice. I had been telling my teenage children how yes, things were tough, but they were living through history. How nothing like this had ever happened in this country before with such widespread shutdowns of so many industries. How never before did schools across the state resort to virtual learning. How this would be in history books one day (okay, not books but websites or whatever platform they take by then lol) and they could tell their grandchildren what it was like.

Turns out we all can. Right now.

There is a project underway to collect first hand accounts from ordinary people on what these early days of the COVID-19 pandemic were like. They will be shared in their digital archives for future generations. Their mission is the history of Monmouth County but because it’s such an enormous event they are taking stories outside of the county as well.

If you’d like to be part of this project you can find the forms here. You’ll see the forms are easy to fill out and it’s done in an interview style, asking you questions to get your thoughts flowing. It might be a fun thing for families to do while there’s not much else to do, and you’ll be giving keen insight to future Americans of this time in history.

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