NJ foster kids need positive parent visits
New Jersey children living in foster care are visiting with their parents more frequently, but the quality of those visits needs improvement according to a new survey by Advocates for Children of New Jersey, which finds that not enough is being done to encourage positive interaction between parents …
Activities Stressing You Out?
If your child is involved in organized sports, you probably understand the running from one field to the next, getting to practice on time, traveling, volunteering, fundraising and the cost. For many, it's not a big deal, it's part of the commitment. But, for others it's a different s…
Fines For Missing School?
All good parents know it pays to send their children to school, but did you know parents can be fined in New Jersey if their kids don't show up? It's true.
It's no secret that children are able to access all kinds of things much earlier than they used to, but a new study by Bitdefender finds that many start watching pornography by the age of 6 and begin flirting online by the age of 8.

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