Chuck Hagel

Hagel: Top-to-bottom changes needed in nuke force
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the military's failure to maintain its focus on the nation's nuclear forces led them to be mismanaged and to "slowly back down the hill." He vowed to invest in and bolster the force, saying there is no problem on this …
Hagel Spars with China Over Territorial Disputes
SINGAPORE (AP) -- The U.S. "will not look the other way" when China and others try to restrict navigation or ignore international rules and standards, Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel said Saturday at an international security conference.
He said China's territorial claims in the South China Sea …
Defense Chief: VA System Needs Accountability
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in an interview broadcast Friday that the focus of an investigation into alleged delayed treatments and deaths in the Veterans Administration's health care system should be to "fix the problem" rather than fire VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.
Hagel, McCain Tangle Over Iraq War And Troop Surge
Republican Sen. John McCain is tangling with Chuck Hagel over his past statements about the Iraq war. The Arizona Republican says that his dissatisfaction Hagel's answers could affect whether he votes for or against the former Republican senator who is President Barack Obama's choice for s…