Assemblyman Ronald Dancer

Eating Horse Meat – A Delicacy or a No-No? [POLL]
Last May I wrote a piece about the legislation banning the consumption of horse meat here in New Jersey.
A piece for which I took an on-line beating from horse lovers everywhere.
The legislation that passed was sponsored by Assemblyman Ronald Dancer of Plumstead, in answer to the lifting of the federa…
Will Lisa’s Law Protect Victims of Domestic Violence? [POLL]
Often enough we hear stories of how domestic violence victims have restraining orders against their assailants, only to have those orders ignored, and the violence continue.
Now a new law is being proposed that would set up a pilot program to electronically monitor someone who’s either been convicted…
NJ Legislators – No Horse Meat For You! [POLL]
My wife loves horses.
Every now and then, we’ll travel down route 527A past a few horse farms. I’ll stop by the side of the road so that she can get her “horsey” fix.
She’s like Robert Redford in “The Horse Whisperer&…