Recent studies indicate that one out of 100 people display psychopathic behavior across the nation.

Flickr User Fernando Stankuns

"Typically psychopaths are without conscious or empathy.  They don't make emotional connections, they're ruthless and they're predatory," said Douglas E. Richards, the author of "The Cure."

At the same time, Richards said, these individuals are "incredibly smooth, charming, brilliant liars and manipulators."

Since they don't experience shame or embarrassment, psychopaths don't get flustered if they're caught in a lie.  "They just move on and cover it up," Richards said.   "They leave a trail of shattered lives in their wake, even if they're not violent, they're serial users.  We're sheep and they're wolves."

Scientists are now just beginning to understand that the brains of psychopaths are wired differently than most people.

"The trick to detecting them is look at what they do, not what they say," Richards said.   "Don't let them try to convince you of something.  Talk to friends and get a second opinion."

Richards said research suggests politicians have a much higher rate of psychopathic behavior than the general population.