Senate President Steve Sweeney is used to getting his way. He did not get his way in the last few weeks with the bill to eliminate the religious exemption for parents who already have vaccine injured children. Many New Jersey parents and concerned citizens joined the fight against the bill who are pro-vaccine but also pro-liberty and pro-choice. Their voices were heard and the bill did not have enough votes to pass. This infuriated the bully Sweeney and he said this WILL pass and he vowed to wage a war on opponents to get is passed.

Well the war has started. He is punishing those who listened to their constituents and their constitutional conscience and voted against the bill. He is pulling people from committees and blocking their funding and putting people in positions to get what he want. Sweeney is playing power politics and saying f&%k you to the voters of the state. This is not how it is supposed to work but powerful forces are telling Sweeney what to do and he'd better get it done. Could it be his puppet master and Democratic Party Boss (whatever the f*%$ that is!) George Norcross or big pharma pushing him to make sure this goes through?

It sure seems like a lot more than a disagreement in public policy philosophy that would motivate him to take such punitive drastic actions against members of his own party. It sure isn't public safety. That just doesn't add up. Some people I'm sure are opposed to the bill resent those "strange looking, annoying religious nuts that don't vaccinate their kids"! Whatever your position on this bill, everyone who values freedom, our constitution and a fair and open political process should be disgusted by what the bully Steve Sweeney is doing.

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