Since I read for hours each day, I often run across articles that are great and important to read and don't necessarily make it into my posts on I share daily through my various social media accounts, but beyond that I wanted to create a post here to compile some of the most important reads I found during the week.

Read and stay informed so you can join me as a super-spreader of truth.

Today is Day 382 of 15 days to stop the spread. The government is lying about the case counts by dumping old positive tests into the daily count. The government has continued to move the goal posts, first with a laudable goal if making sure we didn't overwhelm our hospitals, but when that crisis NEVER materialized, they changed the terms and here we are more than a year later still under restrictions in NJ.

Don't listen to the panickers on mutations — the virus has been mutating since the beginning and it's not getting any more dangerous! (Click HERE to read)

The former president is being censored on social media AGAIN. What are the social media oligarchs trying to keep you from hearing? It's got me thinking that I may support Trump in 2024 if he runs again. (Click HERE to read)

The idea of a so-called vaccine passport has elements of control seen under communism and is a very Nazi-esque tactic on the part of government. (Click HERE to read)

In case you needed another reminder, Sweden got it right. This article talks about how they have lower excess deaths than the full lockdown countries in Europe. (Click HERE to read)

Here's the scary read for the week. How is America going to survive this massive self-inflicted wound? Are we at the end of the American Republic or the beginning of a new age of American greatness? The latter not looking so good right now. (Click HERE to read)

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