We relaunched our podcast, "Common Ground with Bill Spadea" this weekend in Times Square. The purpose was to celebrate a significant holiday in the Indian community, Diwali (pronounced Dee-Val-ee) is a festival that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.

Nandu Menon via Unsplash
Nandu Menon via Unsplash

We've been working with the great folks at Shirdi Sia Temple and Community Center in Iselin, New Jersey for the past month on promoting this unique celebration in the middle of Times Square.

It was great to see so many New Jerseyans assemble for the event on what turned out to be a "summer day".

The broadcast started in classic fashion as the Times Square unofficial ambassador, "the Naked Cowboy" welcomed our show to the landmark.

The crowd was building, the sound check for the evening Diwali performances went off without a hitch and our hosts joined us during the broadcast.

It was a fun and exciting launch.

The next episode will drop this week with a special guest who is one of the leading oncologists in the world. He's got some tips for healthy living, don't miss it!

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