We've been reporting the story of the young man not able to return to Rider because he was accused of sexual assault and rape.  That's right, not convicted, simply accused.

You'll hear my rant above...

The bottom line is that is if there isn't evidence to bring charges on a young man and the accuser changes stories several times, why on earth would the school throw him out?  The answer is that they are worried about running afoul of the federal discrimination statutes.  Wow.  Fear is enabling the academic world to strip young men of their rights based on accusations.

In addition to the loss of anything resembling due process, how can we expect to find real threats to women if everything is labeled rape and sexual assault.  In this case it seems likely that a couple coeds got drunk and naked and then had regrets.  If everything is sexual assault then nothing is.  We remember the case at Duke with the three lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape and the false story pushed out by Rolling Stone.  The bigger concern now should be that real cases of assault by vulnerable women will be ignored because people will have good reason to cast doubt initially.

Let's focus on the real problem of irresponsible teens affected by booze and drugs making bad choices with their bodies. One solution is to lower the drinking age to 18 and actually help kids learn how to cope with alcohol before they are sent off to college to figure it out.

But that's for another post...

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