I gave credit this morning to the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge and their proactive nature, once police posted pictures of the suspect Ahmad Kham Rahami. As a part of the community they helped get the word out bout Rahami. I appreciate and applaud their efforts.

What I think needs changing as we move forward, is that we can no longer wait to react to acts of terror. I think we're making a mistake if we do. We need to root out the problem. While the majority of us aren't privy to what happened at customs when Rahami returned to the United States, we need to have the conversation about profiling.

While there aren't many people that like using the word profiling, we have brought it up on the show numerous times. I use the example of the Israelis policing their own airport. They behavior-profile for anything out of the ordinary and so should we.

Unfortunately, with organizations like CAIR, whose goal is to defend against bigotry, law officials are going to have a hard time profiling. CAIR doesn't get it. There was no bigotry or animosity in areas of north Jersey. Why? The Muslim community stepped up and helped their fellow Americans.

Until we get to the point where we are having an honest conversation and profiling, we are doing ourselves a disservice. It starts with behavior and not only where people are traveling but who they are talking to and associating with as well.

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