So we learned this week that veteran Senator (read: Career politician) Joe Kyrillos won't be seeking re-election. 

Well how about that.

His legacy after 30 years as a State Senator campaigning on making NJ affordable and lowering the tax burden?  Yup you guessed it, helping deliver us the largest TAX INCREASE in more than twenty years.  It's sad but true.

Perhaps the worst part of the news were the tweets about his career in the senate, nearly all from professional politicians, political hacks and lobbyists proclaiming a profound sadness that Joe would be leaving us.  One tweet in particular stuck out...saying that there will be tears in the Navesink river for his departure.  Gimme a break.

Joe is a career politician who voted to raise taxes on working and middle class New Jersyans already struggling under the highest tax burden in the country.  It's disgraceful to act as if this guy is not a member of the elite political class making money AND preparing to collect a taxpayer funded pension.  Shame on him and his apologists.

#TearsInTheNavesink will be the last thing you'll get from the working and middle class NJ residents who are sick and tired of elitist politicians like Joe Kyrillos.  Seems to me that he's the first of the 24 Senators who voted YES on the gas tax to pay the price for that vote.  One down. 23 to go. BUT we don't have to wait for 2017 to pay these guys back,

You have the power to prevent them from having a black check to borrow and spend on their pet projects by voting NO on Ballot Question Two. Tweet at the station @NJ1015 and Tweet at me @billspadea and use the hashtag #VoteNoOnTwo

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