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Millennials vs. Generation Xers — What are the generational differences?

We've all heard and complained about the generational differences between Millennials and Gen Xers, but can any common ground be found?

Dennis & Judi multimedia producer Dan Tantillo, a member of the Millennial generation, joins us to discuss what he likes and dislikes about our generation, while we share with him what we think about his generation. It's a thought-provoking conversation that offers some great understanding and teaches us not judge a generation by its title. And Dan has some unexpected insights into both generations that might surprise you.

If you're curious about what some researchers claim are some of the biggest differences, check out an online post from Business Insider that lists some of the strengths and weaknesses of both generations at the workplace.

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Best apps — Here are some favorites!

Megan and Annette (Louis Hochman/Townsquare Media)
Megan and Annette (Louis Hochman/Townsquare Media)

Photoshop Fix, Cut Me In, Doorman, Square Cash, Google Trips … what app was your best find? Any you use daily? Annette and Megan take inventory of some of the best low or no-cost apps out there!

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Soulmates — Do they exist?

Is a soulmate a real thing or is it just a romantic way of saying life partner? If you believe, you aren't alone!

A Monmouth University Poll finds that the power of Cupid’s Arrow is alive and well, with over 66 percent of American adults believing in the concept of soulmates. Of those currently in a relationship, an overwhelming majority of women, 82 percent, believe in the concept, with 64 percent of men feeling the same way.

“We’re fairly romantic in our views of relationships, and so this idea of there only being one person out there for me is really one of those highly romanticize notions about relationships,” said Gary Lewandowski, professor and chair of psychology at Monmouth University, whose research focuses on romantic relationship

As for those not in a relationship, the percentage that believe in soulmates takes a bit of a hit, with only 53 percent of women indicating they believe in the idea of soulmates and 47 percent of men.

And if you’re one of those who do believe in soulmates, it might not be such a good thing for your relationship. Lewandowski said when it comes to relationships, there’s basically two types of beliefs you can have — one is the idea of soulmates and destiny and the other is the growth belief. In the growth relationship, people work through their challenges together, thereby growing together as a couple. For those who want their relationship to go the distance, Lewandowski said growth is better.

“The research shows the folks with the growth perspective actually do better. Their relationships are more stable over time and they’re better dealing with conflict.”

Annette and Megan give some passionate insight into whether this is the real deal or just a passing illusion. But what about you — do you believe?

Join us for next week's podcast when we talk about what exactly constitutes cheating, the things we miss from our childhoods, and our top five pet peeves!

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