In Bridgeton a 5-year-old girl named Dulce Maria Alavez went missing from a playground while her mother says she sat in a car with an 8-year-old relative according to reports. Police say they were told by Noema Alavez that she brought her 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl to play at a playground but she waited in the car with an 8 year old relative.

At some point, the 3-year-old came running back to the car saying he couldn't find his sister anywhere. reports the mom told police she searched for Dulce for several minutes in and around the playground where storage buildings sat nearby. Finally she called her brother for help and contacted the police, according to reports. reported Tuesday that police said there were a number of people playing basketball who were interviewed but no one saw anything. The mother also said she saw nothing, police say.

By Wednesday, Bridgeton police now believe Dulce may have been abducted by a man in a red van. Police say they re-interviewed a number of people who were at the park, but they are not saying where this information about a possible abduction came from.

The mother is now quoted by as saying, "The police think our family did this. They think I did something to her. I didn't I love my daughter. I would never do nothing bad to her."

Again, her words to the media, not from the police.

The following appeared on Bridgeton Police Department's Facebook page regarding an Amber Alert issued: "The alert indicates the child, identified as Dulce Maria Alavez, may have been taken by a light skin possibly Hispanic male, height 5’6” to 5’8”, thin, build, no facial hair, acne on his face and wearing orange sneakers, red pants and a black shirt."

That's an awful lot of very specific information coming from somebody who apparently did not offer this up initially. I can't help but wonder who.

I can't help but wonder why a mother would allow a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old to play in a city park where she didn't have line of sight with those children.

I can't help but wonder about her quote to I can't help but wonder about this whole case. I truly hope for the little girl's sake that there's a reasonable explanation, that she's safe and that a family member has her. But something seems off here.

If you know anything please contact the NJSP's Missing Persons Unit at 609-882-2000 ext. 2857 or Bridgeton police at 856-451-0033. Dulce is described as 3 feet tall with brown eyes and brown hair and was last seen wearing black and white pants, a yellow shirt with an elephant, and white shoes.

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